How It Works

Welcome to The Game Of Life.

We are so happy you are here.

Our mission is to help you make memories. To inspire you to value and cherish the precious time you have on this earth alongside the people you love.


Browse through The Game Of Life Cards, get inspired and collect the cards you want to turn into memories of your own.


Get out of the scroll and into your life! Start turning your cards into memories! Snap a photo to capture the good times.


Upload your memory with your photo/s and anything you want to write about the memory - you want to be able to look back on these good times and cherish them.


Share with friends, family and The Game Of Life community. Inspire others to make memories!

Cards to inspire long-lasting memories

With our enormous collection of cards, The Game Of Life inspires you to reconnect with your passion for living. Our cards give you extensive ideas for how to fill your time with fun, excitement, adventure, laughter, joy, connection and purpose and are there ready for you to turn into real-world memories with the people you love. But don't let us hold you back; we also encourage you to create your own custom cards, so you can inspire others to create and share the memories you feel make life worth living.

Moments to capture the magic of everyday life

We understand that not everything has to be a big, life-changing memory, so we created moments. Moments are a space for all those small everyday moments that make life special. Post the daily shenanigans that make your eyes light up and sparkle, express who you are to the rest of the community and show the real and the raw moments of your day-to day world.

Being part of The Game Of Life community

We understand the power of being surrounded by a supportive community, so encourage you to follow your friends and other members who inspire you. Share the memories you are creating, support and encourage each other and get ideas and inspiration to enrich your own life with!

Holding you accountable to cherish your time

Here at The Game Of Life we understand the pull of the mindless scroll, so we hold you accountable for unlocking the full potential of your life. Expect tally’s of memories and reminders, all designed to encourage you to value your time, live out your dreams and spend your precious time cherishing life and living it to the fullest!

Collecting memories and cherishing moments; this is what The Game Of Life is all about.

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